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24th Aug 2016

It goes without saying that when Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 it literally transformed the way we live our everyday lives.  Today our phone is so much more than just a device to make calls, it’s a pocket sized computer that bridges the gap between the offline and online world.  We have access to anything we’re after in a matter of seconds and sating that need for instant gratification has seen the development of apps skyrocket.  In fact, today the Appstore alone has over a million apps to choose from.  The mind boggles at the endless possibilities.

More and more, we’re seeing our mobile phones becoming extensions of ourselves with things like mobile wallets now storing our credit card details to allow us to pay for goods and services with a simple tap of our phone.

The transport sector has been leading the way with tickets becoming a thing of the past, especially now that TFL accepts mobile payments on commutes all over London.  So it makes perfect sense that companies like First Bus are investing in the development of mobile ticketing apps.  To promote the launch of mTickets in Aberdeen, First Bus is targeting commuters grabbing a quick coffee to go using branded Takeaway Coffee Cups.  The campaign is offering further incentive to download the app with a multi-buy saving of £3 on a 10 journey carnet ticket.  What’s not to like – it’s a paperless transaction so no negative impact on the environment, plus the convenience of knowing you’ll never lose another paper ticket ever again.  It’s a big thumbs up from us!

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