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29th Mar 2016

When the monotony of daily life kicks in and we’re in need of an escape, there is a combination that comes in especially handy, a new book and a steaming cup of coffee to help soothe the senses into another time and place.  For those of us leading frantically busy lives, the time to steal moments like this can be few and far between which is probably why the truest of all book enthusiasts relish the opportunity so much.

Coffee breaks are exactly the kind of down time during the day when bookworms transport themselves into fictional worlds, so it’s no surprise to find that Harper Collins have invested in Coffee Cups to promote Freya North’s new title, The Turning Point.  With the story set in Norfolk, a portion of the outlets taking part are located in Norwich, with the rest targeted across urban and suburban London to reach the 25-44 female audience they’re after.

We love the contextual creative!

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