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11th Apr 2013

Despite the doom and gloom predicted by economic headlines, towering cranes still speckle the horizon, scaffolding still clings to buildings and the beep of reversing trucks still pierces the air. So what does that mean? It means development. And what does development need? It needs big, strong men to be the workforce behind these projects. And what do these men need? They need the right tools to get the job done. And that’s where Screwfix comes in.

Screwfix has identified tradesmen as a key target audience for their ever-increasing footprint of stores. And one thing we all know is that a man’s got to eat. So to target tradesmen when they’re having their morning cuppa and bacon butty or taking their lunchtime sarnie break, Screwfix has engaged in a butty bag campaign.

With 12 Screwfix stores to promote, our large network has enabled us to distribute these branded bags through greasy spoons in closest proximity to each store.  Each store has its own creative and takes advantage of the 2-sided printing area of the bags. One side has the specific store’s location with the postcode highlighted for easy Sat Nav entry. The other side has a £5 off coupon, a physical incentive and clear reason to hold on to the bag and engage with the ad.

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