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11th Jun 2021

A slow broadband connection can be extremely frustrating. The simplest of tasks can take an age to complete which negatively impacts productivity, leaving us exasperated.

Users in Central London will be particularly familiar with this as the old infrastructure of copper cables running from the exchange into street level cabinets just isn’t up to the demands of the modern technology we rely on such as video calls, streaming and cloud-based working.

G.Network have arrived in Soho in London’s West End with the solution, full fibre broadband with 900 Mbps in very competitive packages with a great introductory offer too!

To help spread the word among those living and working in Soho, G.Network are advertising their service on takeaway Coffee Cups and Deli Bags in selected cafes in Soho as well as branded Beer Mats in the areas pubs and bars.

The unmissable bright blue branding is placed directly into peoples hands when they have time to digest the message – at lunch time, coffee time or when relaxing with a nice cold glass of something.

G.Networks full fibre broadband is helping boost the London economy and enabling London businesses to unlock their full potential.

So long Slo-ho!

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