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12th May 2016

There is something luxurious about our morning coffee to go.  We’re taking a moment to indulge in ‘me time’ before having to tackle the daily onslaught of work and our general day to day.  For Londoners, the commute can be an especially taxing experience.  Squashed, squeezed and sullied along with hordes of people trying to navigate their way to the office isn’t much fun.  It’s why so many of us see our daily takeaway coffee as a well-deserved respite, a moment we’ve earned to take time out and spoil ourselves just a little.

If we’ve been exposed to advertising at key points along our daily commute, it’s the Coffee Cup that subliminally rounds off that messaging and reaches people when they have the time and presence of mind to actively engage without distraction.  On average, we spend 21mins with our takeaway coffee and half of all takeaway coffee ends up on a desk in the office where the cups often sit for hours on end.  It’s a great way to extend your commuter messaging into the workplace and capitalise on the power of an intimate everyday moment using the branded cup a one-to-one communication with the consumer.

Gatwick understand the persuasive impact that all this entails and are live with a Coffee Cup campaign to support Gatwick Obviously in the City and Westminster, specifically looking to reach corporate decision makers and reinforce the argument behind Gatwick’s bid for a second runway.

The campaign was planned and booked by Havas Media and Posterscope.

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Gatwick Airport Coffee Cup Advertising