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19th Jan 2018

Google is a powerhouse when it comes to technology and continues to catapult the world forward with innovations set to pave the way for a fascinating future. It’s staggering to think of how far the online world has come in the 20 years since Google first came to life. Today, Google invests a huge amount of time and resources in enriching the lives of everyday people through education. If we’re equipped with the right online knowledge and skill, we can do so much more when it comes to making life just that much easier in a constantly evolving digital world.

Having previously advertised their Digital Garage to consumers in Tabletalk’s independent local network of Coffee Shops and Cafes, Google has launched a follow up campaign, this time targeting another of our high dwell time environments – Pubs across Manchester. Beer Mats are an incredibly versatile advertising medium giving Google the ability to deliver multiple messages (up to 6 different creative designs) in an extremely cost effective way.

Advertising to consumers in Pubs across Manchester, Google is promoting the fact that Manchester has the added benefit of a Google Digital Garage on King Street where anyone can pop in for free face to face coaching. The beer mat advertising has messaging tailored to a variety of different consumers emphasising how anyone and everyone could benefit from their online courses and face to face coaching and events, no matter what their current position in life.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business, learn how to navigate the internet, or take your career to the next level, Google’s Digital Garage is designed to help everyday people improve their digital know-how so that they can succeed at whatever they do. You can do lessons online and work towards certification or book your place at an event where you’ll get access to one on one coaching from Google experts. And since Pubs are the kind of everyday environment that you find people from all walks of life, Google’s decision to advertise their Digital Garage on beer mats makes perfect sense.


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