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8th Jul 2013


You know the story – roll out of bed, hectic tube ride, miss breakfast, work like a demon all morning juggling calls, client meetings and last minute deadlines, then the dreaded hunger pangs start.  You glare at the clock gnawing your nails counting down the seconds until lunch time before sprinting out the door.  You’re starving so head around the corner and nip into the local sandwich bar.

Hmm… what to choose?  There it is, staring lovingly at you, the stock standard satisfying sarnie layered with slices of delicious ham and salad.  Snatch and grab ensues and you’re queuing for the counter chomping at the bit.  You pay your dues and the guy at the counter hands you the most Ham-azing sandwich ever in a bag to match.  Cool.  Even better, he pops a little surprise in the bag, a Squeezme Salad Cream sample.  Interesting, you’ve seen it around but haven’t ventured to give it a try.  Verdict?  A match made in heaven, let’s ‘Bring on the Zing’!

The savviest of our blog fans will recall a Heinz HP Sauce campaign we ran in November for their ‘Sauce of Manliness’.  It’s great to see Heinz following this up with support for their Salad Cream brand.  Heinz are running a heavyweight campaign nationally in our network of sandwich outlets using sandwich bags and sampling to reignite our love of the Ham-azing complement to everyone’s crusty roll.  Get down to your local and try the combination for yourself!

The campaign was booked through Vizeum and Posterscope.

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