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25th Jun 2018

If there’s one thing we know about entrepreneurs, it’s that they are innovators that think outside the square. That means ideas can come anywhere, anytime with inspiration drawn from a multitude of sources – random or considered. There is also much to be said for the science behind coffee and its impact on creativity – a caffeine fix is the immediate go-to for creatives and entrepreneurs the world over. It’s not just the pick-me-up, it’s also the familiar ritual that makes coffee such an integral part of the creative process.

Often the best ideas flow when our minds are left to wander and coffee breaks are exactly the kind of indulgent ‘me’ time during our everyday routine that allow the creative synergy to happen. No wonder cafes and coffee shops are awash with freelancers and business minds using the space for work and play. Exactly why the Guardian Labs has invested in an innovative advertising campaign in Tabletalk’s pack of SME Coffee Shops and Cafes to support a new initiative in collaboration with eBay, the eBay Doers Scheme. Using a combination of 100% recyclable branded takeaway coffee cups and napkins, eBay are advertising the scheme to budding entrepreneurs with a brilliant business idea.

The eBay Doers Scheme is looking for 15 exceptional entrepreneurs (or powerhouse teams of two) with tons of passion and a brewing brilliance to submit their ideas and be in with a chance to win 10 weeks of mentoring from a leading industry expert, £500 PayPal credit, a professional photoshoot and additional support and promotion on eBay. Cleverly leaving space on the napkin and the coffee cup to scribble down those inspired ideas during the dwell time of up to 18 minutes these formats offer, eBay encourage consumers to do this as a handy reminder to visit the competition website and upload an entry.

Coffee Shop advertising is an innovative and impactful way to reach entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s working on the go.

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