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19th Sep 2016

If there was ever a word that succinctly sums up what it means to be a mum, “harried” has to be it.  From the minute those lovely bundles of joy wriggle their squidgy, snuggly way into our hearts it’s safe to say that job descriptions go up a notch to resemble something along the lines of super-mum-to-the-rescue!  And the rescuing doesn’t stop there either as before long they’re crawling, wobbling and walking their way from one hazard to the next.  Soon enough they’re giggling and chatting away with their siblings or playing with friends, both real and imaginary.  Before long they’re interested in books and fascinated by stories, never quite getting enough of learning new things and exploring the ways of the world.  Sounds exhausting and exhilarating all at once!  But in the chaos there is always one thing that reigns supreme, that little indulgence just for mum and me time, that caffeine fix we mainline like no tomorrow, coffee the all-round luscious, luxurious lifesaver!

With Coffee Shops in affluent suburbs catering primarily to a family audience, particularly mums looking for a change of scenery or a place to meet friends whilst entertaining the kids, it’s no surprise that Hachette Childrens Books have invested in branded Coffee Cups to promote their latest Charlie and Lola title, One Thing.  It’s a delightful celebration of numbers for children by much-loved children’s author Lauren Child.  In fact, there’s even a scene in the book itself cleverly included in the creative design where coffee is played up in all its glory.

“It takes 5 zillion coffees to wake Mum up.”

“Just one!” says Mum.

“1 squillion?” asks Lola.

“Yes…” says Mum.

The campaign is running in a number of affluent suburban locations in key cities across the country.  There is also a competition incentive where mums can win £500 of Boden vouchers at  We think it’s a fabulous idea since harried mums deserve a little spoiling.  And getting the kids to snuggle up and read the latest Charlie and Lola title is bound to bring a little peace and quiet too!

The campaign was planned and booked through Total Media Connect and Hachette Childrens Group.

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Charlie and Lola Coffee Cup Adverts