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14th Sep 2019

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, start ups and sole traders have long been using Coffee Shops, Cafes and Sandwich Bars as their go-to mobile workplace. The Coffee Shop Office or ‘Coffice’ gives access to wifi, coffee, cake and snacks at your fingertips, and is a hub of activity that generates just enough buzz to inspire a productive mindset. With cafes frequented by mobile workers looking for the perfect versatile workspace, Halkin were quick to identify the targeted advertising potential of Tabletalk’s branded Deli Bags.

Halkin are smart space creators with a portfolio that combines technology and lifestyle with centrally located buildings designed for the next generation. No two buildings are the same – offering anything from fully serviced offices to co-working spaces – but each distinctive in their prime central location, stunning design, leading edge tech and tailored, intelligent human service.

To promote their smart workplaces to SME’s, Halkin invested in Deli Bag advertising in Tabletalk’s network of Sandwich Bars and Delis in proximity to their key properties in Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Monument, Blackfriars, Southwark and Watford. The advertising puts Halkin’s brand directly into people’s hands creating instant brand ambassadors. Deli bags are effectively a walking billboard as consumers move from A to B with bags in hand with 50% ending up on a desk in the office. 

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Halkin Deli Bag Advertising