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31st Aug 2017

Summer is holiday season and we all love a good holiday read.  Books say a lot about the person reading them too.  From romantic encounters that make hearts flutter, to fantasies that transport us to an alternative universe, thrillers that enthral with a mystery to unravel, to biographies and memoirs that paint the truth in a whirlwind of words, there really is a story for everyone.  

As a genre, crime thrillers are one of the most popular of all.  We can’t seem to get enough.  Especially when an author like Jane Casey masterfully conjures a character we connect with on a multitude of levels to the point where we just have to buy the next book in the series to know what happens next.

To promote the 7th in the Maeve Kerrigan series, Let the Dead Speak, Harper Collins has invested in a Coffee Cup advertising campaign targeted in Coffee Shops and Cafes at mainline stations in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds where WH Smith Travel Bookstores have stock. It’s a fantastic way to inspire last minute purchases for holidaymakers waiting for their train as they head off on holiday.  

What better time to grab a new book?  And what better combination than reading the latest Jane Casey thriller with a takeaway coffee in hand?  Bliss. And for anyone interested in delving into the mystery, it’s all hinged on 18 year old Chloe Emery who comes home to find her mother missing and neighbours who all seem to have their own agenda.

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