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24th Apr 2014

Pharmacy bags are an excellent way of delivering health-related messages to the local community.  Not only are you able to reach consumers while they are in a relevant frame of mind, your message is delivered directly into their hands by trusted pharmacists.  Pharmacies are the kind of environment where all advice is taken seriously and people tend to read information thoroughly.  Since any medication is tucked safely into a pharmacy bag before being handed over the counter, it’s easy to see why brands that advertise on the bags would benefit.

North Bristol NHS Trust are the latest in a long line of government health providers to use our pharmacy bag media.  The campaign is running for 8 weeks in 35 pharmacies located in key local areas advising the community that Frenchay A&E is moving to Southmead Hospital on the 19th of May.  With such an important message, it’s vital that the news gets into the right hands and our pharmacy bags offer exactly the channel they were looking for.

The campaign was planned by McCann Bristol and booked through Rapport Worldwide.

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