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25th May 2017

Starting your own business can be a really daunting experience.  There is so much to consider.  Creating a brand, sourcing and pricing your product, getting your name out to market, finding customers that genuinely want to invest in what you have to offer, all of which comes at a cost.  One of the simplest ways to ensure that customers in need can find you instantly is the web.  It literally opens up a world of opportunity and is an absolute essential for business, no matter the size.  Whether you’re self employed, running an SME or a big corporate, every business needs an online presence in a world where consumers expect businesses to promote themselves in our natural habitat – a world that is always on, always online.  The stats say it all.  94% of people surveyed in the UK search online to find local businesses.  

Before you can build a website, one of the most important steps in your online journey is purchasing a domain.  There are over 3 million UK businesses and millions more consumers that use a .UK domain and whenever anyone buys a .UK suffix through any number of domain resellers across the UK, the organisation behind it all is Nominet.  Nominet’s ethos is all about helping people literally high viz their biz and they have been passionate about helping small businesses get online for over 20 years.  The good stuff doesn’t stop there either.  With the proceeds of a successful registry business, Nominet set up and support Nominet Trust, a charitable foundation that is the UK’s leading social tech funder contributing over £44m to date.  Needless to say, Nominet is a trusted guardian of the UK’s namespace, notably one of the world’s biggest country code registries.

Naturally such a clever business will have a clever marketing regime to match.  In a bid to cut through the ever-growing noise and make a genuine connection with SME tradesmen and sole traders, Nominet invested in a tactical ambient advertising campaign in Greasy Spoon Cafes using branded takeaway coffee cups and sandwich bags to deliver the Nominet message directly into the hands of their core demographic.  Greasy Spoon Cafes are a much loved British institution, small businesses in their own right providing much needed sustenance to the nation’s working men and women.  They are the life force of our SME tradesmen across the nation, just as Nominet is the life force of our small business domains across the UK.  Advertising on takeaway formats like coffee cups and sandwich bags is a great way to reach consumers taking a break from their busy day and in a relaxed, receptive frame of mind.  It’s the perfect ‘me time’ moment during the day when we have time to consider options beyond our everyday tasks and plan for the future.  Not to mention the fact we always have mobiles on hand to immediately take a look at information online.  This is where the coffee cup and sandwich bag branding acts as the perfect prompt.  95% of a Greasy Spoon Cafe audience is made up of Tradesmen making this environment the perfect space to capture the attention of our nation’s SME tradesmen and sole traders during their work day journey.

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Nominet Coffee Cup & Sandwich Bag Advertising