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11th Oct 2017

One of the great things about advertising in Coffee Shops is versatility, especially when it comes to tactical targeting.  For publishers like Hodder promoting such a diverse range of titles to a vast spectrum of audiences, Coffee Cup promotions can be incredibly useful.  

It might be Coffee Shops in mainline train stations to reach holidaymakers and prompt a last minute purchase in WH Smith before they catch their train to the airport.  It might be outlets in London’s Square Mile to reach an AB business audience, outlets near cinemas to tie in with the movie release of a bestseller, or outlets in affluent suburbs outside the city centre and regional towns to reach mums.  With coffee being such a universal indulgence, clever targeting means you can pinpoint niche demographics with an eye catching, impactful format that cuts through the noise of traditional media at a time when consumers are naturally taking time out.

Hodder have been particularly clever with their latest campaign.  This time targeting The Times and Sunday Times Cheltenham Literary Festival happening from 6-15 October with a campaign targeted in Coffee Shops across Cheltenham for 2 weeks.  It’s a fantastic way to grab the attention of those within the publishing industry who might be attending, as well as the hordes of families and avid book fans who come along to take part in the festivities.  

The UK hosts a number of literary festivals throughout the year and Cheltenham is all about the children’s sector making it hugely popular with families.  Hodder have expertly crafted their coffee cup creative giving coffee consumers their pick me of for the day, promoting The Daily Struggles of Archie Adams by Katie Kirby (author of the bestseller Hurrah for Gin).  It’s a brilliantly illustrated cartoons blog that plays on the reality of raising kids which promises a barrel full of laughs for mums and dads alike.  This wickedly funny follow up, Archie is an opinionated toddler aged 2 ¼ giving a no holds barred account of family life.  It’s a must read!  

Plus there was room on the cup to promote another of Hodder’s newest titles, Randall Munroe’s Thing Explainer which explains how 47 of the world’s most complicated things really work.  

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Hodder Cheltenham Literary Festival Coffee Cup Advertising