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11th Jul 2014

We bang on about Coffee Shops a lot in our day to day – it’s something that Tabletalk is ridiculously passionate about.  The sector is booming and it’s easy to see why when you consider that coffee is the most popular drink worldwide.  Us thirsty worldlings consume over 400 billion cups every year!

There is a lot more to our coffee addiction than meets the eye.  That sought after pick-me-up quality works above and beyond our daily fix.  Allegra Strategies have just released a fantastic report that talks about the effect Coffee Shops have on the high street.

Coffee Shops are neighbourhood hubs that foster a strong sense of local community.  They improve the vitality of the local area and as a result are fundamental to the wellbeing of British high streets.  Drawing from research with over 2,000 consumers and local businesses, the report found that 58% of high street visitors planned Coffee Shops as part of their trip, with 18% primarily going to visit a Coffee Shop.

The effect is a lot like attracting bees to a honey pot – Coffee Shops entice visitors which in turn drives footfall into high street stores.  52% of consumers interviewed said they would be more likely to shop for longer if Coffee Shops are nearby.  95% felt that Coffee Shops improve the vitality of the local area and 85% of local businesses felt that the presence of Coffee Shops improves the overall viability of the area.  So it’s a win win.

Jeffrey Young (MD of Allegra Strategies) says, “The report illustrates that coffee shops are helping high streets to evolve away from over-reliance on outdated retail models to embrace the demands of a more experience-led British consumer.  Coffee shops are much more than just refreshment, providing a space for community events and mobile working, while boosting local employment companies.”  Can’t argue with that!

“Coffee shops play crucial role in boosting British high streets” July 11, 2014, Hospitality and Catering News

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