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6th Mar 2014

Students are a notoriously hard to reach bunch.  When they’re not in lectures, they’re out and about with mates, partying til the wee hours, generally getting up to mischief and occasionally, studying.  It can be difficult for brands to grab attention for long enough to make an impact, especially with students being bombarded with information all day long.

ICAEW have followed in the footsteps of recent campaigns for the likes of top financial firms PwC and Grant Thornton utilising tablewraps in student unions at 14 of their key universities.  95% of students visit the union at least once a week which means it’s one of the highest footfall areas on campus.  Combine that with the fact that tablewrap puts your message in the centre of conversation where students sit for an average 20 minutes or more with phones naturally on the table to drive response and you’ve got a pretty potent recipe to engage that attention.

The campaign is running for 4 weeks throughout March on 280 tables in 14 key universities with an employability theme encouraging students to sign up for an ICAEW accreditation gaining key business and finance skills alongside their degree.

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