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19th May 2014

There is something especially satisfying about that daily coffee fix.  It’s not just the familiarity of your local barista or the taste of your favourite caffeine concoction; it’s about stealing time, knowing that moment where you tear yourself away from all of life’s peculiar mania is entirely yours, a moment to pause and reflect and allow your mind to wander on whatever tangent it chooses.

Coffee Shops are also a unique environment where work and leisure cross over.  Whether it’s taking time out solo, meeting friends, finding somewhere to work away from the office, having business meetings or interviewing new talent, it’s the kind of environment that offers brands an opportunity for messages to resonate. is the world’s #1 job site and understands completely how the world works when talented people come together to get a job done.  It’s no surprise that Indeed are using our Coffee Cup media to get their recruitment message directly into the hands of city office workers all over London.  Using 75,000 branded coffee cups in 75 coffee shops, the campaign is running for 2 weeks from the 19th of May.

The activity was planned by Mediacom and booked through Kinetic Worldwide.

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