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7th Sep 2023

The InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) has embraced an strategic approach by advertising on pharmacy bags, beer mats, and washroom panels, igniting conversations about diabetes prevention and management in everyday places.

Pharmacy Bags, act as a prompt to discuss concerns with the pharmacist, offering support and information to individuals right when they need it most. A subtle but effective way to foster a sense of community among those living with diabetes.

Beer Mats, this strategic placement acknowledges the fact that individuals with diabetes can enjoy a social drink, but must be mindful of their alcohol consumption. The beer mats provide a gentle reminder and encourage responsible choices, demonstrating that diabetes management can coexist with a fulfilling social life.

Washroom Panels, offer a unique opportunity for education. Reaching people with a few moments of solitude makes it an ideal place for impactful messages, where individuals can access valuable information about diabetes, empowering them to make informed decisions.

By combining three formats, IDDT has initiated conversations about diabetes in everyday places. By doing so, they’ve made diabetes awareness a part of everyday life, helping those affected by the condition live healthier and more informed lives.

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