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26th Jul 2013

We all know how important maintaining a healthy diet is, but life itself can be a complicated balancing act and all too often what or when we eat doesn’t feature as high on our priority list as it probably should.

People from all walks of life struggle with needing that extra oomph whether it’s down to stress, dealing with aches and pains or simply having no appetite. That’s where Complan comes in, a range of easy to mix nutritional supplements designed specifically for people who need extra nutrients in their diet to drive energy levels up. This campaign was to launch their ready to drink smoothies that people with no appetite can have in place of a meal.

To reach an older audience in an innovative way, Complan have used one of our more unique estates to make an impact. Throughout July and August, they’re running bags in our network of independent Garden Centres. The bags are high quality print and the majority end up at home to be used again and again so they’re a great way to spread the word in an impactful, creative way.

The campaign was planned by MEC and booked by Kinetic.

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