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16th May 2019

It’s no secret that SMEs make up 99% of all businesses in the UK, but it may surprise you to learn that 96% of those SMEs are micro-businesses  (0-9 employees) and 4% recognised as small businesses (10-49 staff). That makes small business a major target market when it comes to innovations like iZettle.

Capitalising on their creative edge, iZettle have pinpointed Tabletalk’s network of Coffee Shops and Cafes as the perfect environment to engage with small business owners. As many of these outlets will naturally utilise mobile payment mechanisms in-store, iZettle’s advertising on branded coffee cups is timed to perfection, with the cups handed into consumers’ hands at the point of sale.

With a range of payment and commerce solutions that used to be reserved for the big players, iZettle offers lightning-fast mobile card readers, intuitive point of sale systems, invoicing software, business funding and a site full of insightful analytics to help small businesses thrive in today’s competitive market. Understanding their audience, iZettle’s clever campaign messaging focused on thanking local heroes for buying local and keeping the small business community thriving.

Advertising on takeaway coffee cups allows iZettle to reach their key audience in a relevant way, in an appropriate place, when they have time to actively engage with messaging. With the vast majority of SMEs engaged in mobile working they are always on the move, so the ability to impact an everyday moment like grabbing their daily coffee to go is a great way to so how iZettle can help harness that purchase power.

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iZettle Coffee Cup Advertising