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11th Jan 2018

When we’re travelling there is one local hotspot with a global footprint – Coffee Shops. The decor will change depending where in the world we are and how they serve their coffee might too, but cafes are an integral part of our everyday journey no matter where we set foot on our travels.

Coffee Shops are also the kind of place we might escape the daily humdrum at home to indulge in a little me time and let our minds be whisked away to thoughts of our next holiday. Which is why Journey Latin America has capitalised with an advertising campaign on branded coffee cups in cafes across Bristol.

Coffee cup advertising has a natural synergy with travel brands, particularly specialists like Journey Latin America looking to cut through the noise and genuinely engage with everyday consumers in an unintrusive, intuitive and insightful way. A message on a cup in our hand is something we immediately take ownership of and our natural curiosity means we can’t help but take a look, especially knowing it’s been delivered at a break moment during our busy day.

Consumers want a distraction – it’s human nature – and what better way to do that than to head out to our favourite local cafe and grab a comforting coffee to escape. Even better to realise there’s a message encouraging us to explore Latin America advertised on our takeaway coffee cup. Plenty of time for us to dream of that next holiday, or jump online to take a look at all the options and make a quick enquiry!

All that in the 20 minutes it takes the average consumer to finish that takeaway coffee. Or for it to land up on a desk in the office (50% usually do) and for the advertising to spark a bit of conversation amongst colleagues, all of whom are no doubt wistfully counting down the days til that next holiday. Coffee cup advertising is an excellent, cost effective way for brands to engage with consumers in a way that truly gets you noticed.

Even better when you’re Journey Latin America and offering a fantastic prize like the tailor-made holiday of a lifetime to Nicaragua! For your chance to win, enter now at


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