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3rd Jun 2014


Despite a difficult economy, the UK Coffee Market is booming.  Last year, British consumers spent £730m on coffee.  In fact, worldwide over 400bn cups of coffee are consumed every year.  What is driving this global obsession?  There are likely to be many factors, but one that can’t be ignored has to be the impact of a growing mobile workforce.  Fast internet speeds, readily available access and the fact that companies now fully encourage staff to work on the move has resulted in Coffee Shops becoming an alternative office space.  In fact, Coffee Shops are now seen as the third place between home and office.

Technology is driving the world forward faster and fiercer than ever before.  We now have the ability to consume information anytime, anywhere which is a work pattern perfectly suited to Coffee Shops.  As The Times is renowned for its strong business content, it’s no surprise that The Times have just gone live with a campaign on Coffee Sleeves targeted in the City.

All this working on the go means that a business audience is notoriously elusive.  Not only do brands need to innovate to survive in a highly competitive market, when it comes to delivering messages that resonate and engage it can be tricky to create the right blend of curiosity and cut through.  Coffee Sleeves do just that with 50% ending up on a desk in the office.  Plus the average coffee takes 21 minutes to drink, plenty of time to make an impact.

The campaign was planned by MSix and booked through Kinetic Worldwide.

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