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22nd Oct 2013


Before we begin, it has to be said that I happen to be one of a small minority of British peeps that (cringe) … isn’t a football fan.  There I said it.  Despite my own (erm) shortcomings, Tabletalk has an office full of footie fanatics.  Every single Monday morning there is time set aside to discuss the weekend’s fixtures, detailed play by plays, heated exchanges, much nodding and shaking of heads, winners ready to take on the week head on, losers burying their sorry faces in a cuppa.  Not to mention the announcement of the weekly score predictions winner adding fuel to the fire.

Surrounded by a culture obsessed with football where evidence of the game impacts your life at home, work and play, it’s easy to see why sites like exist.  Whether you’re in a pub watching the game with mates, at home watching on the telly or catching up on the latest football news online, statistics matter.  Everyone wants bragging rights when their favourite players are doing well or their team is top of the league, plus stats go a long way in planning that fantasy football dream team.

WhoScored are running a campaign in 50 pubs using 50,000 beer mats in a bid to reach a relevant audience at a relevant time and drive consumers online to check out their site for live scores, previews, stats, news and everything a football fan would ever need!

The campaign was planned by Media Agency Group ( and booked by Out of Home International (

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