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20th Oct 2014

When it comes to targeting a trade audience, they are a notoriously elusive bunch.  The nature of the work takes them all over the country and you never quite know where they’ll be from one day to the next.  The key to reaching an audience like this is inserting media at key points across their daily journey and disrupting everyday moments, like grabbing that bacon butty!  We all know greasy spoons are a honey pot for builders, van drivers and tradesmen in need of a hearty daily meal.

Kwik-Fit has just launched a ‘Drive Card’ aimed at businesses looking to manage their fleet of commercial vans and cars more effectively.  To spread the word, they are running a campaign on butty bags in 500 greasy spoon cafés across South West England and South Wales.  It equates to over 700,000 bags with an estimated audience reach of over 2 million.

Butty bags are a really cost effective way to impact tradesmen as they ensure your message is delivered directly into the hands of the audience you’re after.  Greasy spoon cafés offer a 95% trade audience where 88% fall into the C2DE demographic.

The campaign was planned and booked by Mediacom and Kinetic Worldwide.

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