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21st Oct 2016

Anybody who knows Lee Child’s central protagonist, Jack Reacher will know that coffee is somewhat of an obsession for him.  A former US Army Military Police Major who now drifts from place to place, Reacher often finds himself entangled in investigations ranging from murder to terrorism and everything in between.  You never quite know what’s round the corner for him which simply adds to the intrigue and keeps fans coming back for more.  In fact, the Jack Reacher series is so popular that Lee Child has penned a whopping 18 thrillers to date with Never Go Back his latest.

And of course where there is an action packed story to be told, Hollywood usually isn’t far behind with bagging the motion picture rights!  In 2012, the first Jack Reacher movie was released based on the book One Shot with none other than Tom Cruise in the lead.  It was a huge success and no surprise that Hollywood followed this up with another movie, this time based on the book Never Go Back.  According to the Daily Telegraph, Jack Reacher is “one of the thriller genre’s great heroes.  Women love him as much as men.  A new version of the righteous avenger, a Robin Hood for our troubled times.  We all want to be Jack Reacher.”  

He lives by a simple set of rules.

Rule 1: When in doubt, drink coffee.

Rule 2: Never volunteer for anything.

Rule 3: Don’t break the furniture.

Rule 4: Only one woman at a time.

Rule 5: Show them what they’re messing with.

With Reacher’s coffee addiction such an integral part of his character and woven into the lines of every story, it makes absolute sense that Penguin Random House imprint, Transworld Books has advertised on branded Coffee Cups to coincide with the release of the latest Jack Reacher movie out on October 21st.  It’s a fantastic way to capitalise on all the hype around the movie and remind fans both old and new that there is a whole series of Jack Reacher books to read, including the latest Never Go Back.  There is added incentive too with Transworld offering fans the chance to win a free screening of the movie for 10 friends simply by tweeting a pic of themselves drinking coffee in a Jack Reacher branded cup.  The social media element has been advertised on branded standees at point of sale targeting coffee consumers with time to spare as they wait to order, pay for or pick up their order at the counter.  

The Jack Reacher campaign is targeted in Coffee Shops in proximity to Odeon cinemas in London and major cities across the UK.  This is the second campaign from Penguin Random House’s Transworld this month having supported the movie release for The Girl on the Train too.

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