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8th Jan 2015

London City Airport are big fans of ambient media having run no less than 4 branded Sandwich Bag campaigns recently targeted at a City business audience.  They are a notoriously elusive bunch in the City with little time to spare, always on the move and an inclination towards eating a quick lunch at their desk.  Something else that these hard working City business types need to survive is caffeine.  As the saying goes, ‘With enough coffee, nothing is impossible’.  Not surprising that it’s the kind of sustenance City workers mainline regularly as part of their daily routine!

Link that undeniable essential with café culture, travel and imaginations transported to hours spent watching the world go by on holiday and you understand London City Airport’s latest campaign promoting Winter Holidays on branded Coffee Sleeves with Postcard sampling in-store.  To add a little incentive to the mix, they are even offering consumers a chance to win a £10,000 winter holiday for four ( .  What a great way to entice those ski enthusiasts looking to take advantage of the late falling snow.  Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee after time out on the slopes!

The campaign kicks off this week distributing 420,000 branded Coffee Sleeves in 60 outlets in the City to last the duration of January and February.

This was planned and booked by BBVS and Kinetic Worldwide.

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