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9th Oct 2018

Tabletalk’s network of Coffee Shops offers brands like LEGO the ability for tactical advertising through a pack tailored to suit their key demographic, namely parents, who regularly spend time in suburban Coffee Shops and Cafes. During the week you’ll find stay-at-home parents congregating to catch up with friends over a coffee, while these outlets are packed to the brim with families on weekends looking for an easy option to feed the kids and take time out from a day full of activity.

It’s incredible to think that almost 80 years ago, LEGO began its catapult to fame in a humble carpentry workshop. The organisation is now one of the world’s biggest toy manufacturers and a household name with families across the globe, twice voted ‘Toy of the Century’. The little red brick that has captured childhood imaginations for generations also inspires creativity from an even younger age with their Duplo range aimed at children aged 18 months to 5 years old.

LEGO is advertising Duplo on Coffee Shop Tablewraps, putting the message in the centre of conversation where parents are relaxed, receptive and seated for an average 20 minutes at a time. Being a creative organisation that understands the value of hands-on engagement, LEGO is also offering Duplo sample sets for kids to play with whilst at the table. Role play is an incredible way for the whole family to get involved whilst the little ones are learning and expressing their natural creativity in an engaging, fun way. It’s also a wonderful way to draw attention away from digital toys like phones and tablets to something more creative and hands-on.

LEGO’s tablewrap advertising and sampling campaign promoting the Duplo range in Coffee Shops is a truly inspired way to connect with a relevant audience, in a relaxed, receptive frame of mind, leaving a lasting impression. Not only does this raise awareness of the product with LEGO’s key demographic, it generates genuine brand engagement in a novel way, encouraging parents and kids to spend time sampling the benefits of the toys in their leisure time, without being in a toy shop, something which just isn’t possible through traditional mass market advertising mediums.

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