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17th Sep 2019

September is national blood cancer month and 2019 also marks 50 years of Leukaemia Care’s critical support for those affected by blood cancer. With the charity focused on helping people live better with blood cancer, Leukaemia Care’s mission is to improve lives through earlier diagnosis and access to effective treatments. The signs and symptoms can be difficult to spot as they are so similar to other unrelated illnesses.

There are four main types of leukaemia that differ according to the rate of cancer progression (acute or chronic) and the type of blood stem cell affected (myeloid or lymphoid). Investing in a branded pharmacy bag campaign distributed across Tabletalk’s network of independent pharmacies, Leukaemia Care is raising awareness about the common signs and symptoms of blood cancer so that people can #SpotLeukaemia and visit their GP earlier. 

Leukaemia is the most common childhood cancer and accounts for 1 in 3 cancer cases so it’s important that parents know what to look for. However, children represent only a small percentage of leukaemia patients. In fact, two thirds of those who suffer with blood cancer are over the age of 65. With families and the over 65’s the two demographics that frequent pharmacies most, the targeting for this particular awareness campaign is spot on.

With pharmacy bags delivered directly into people’s hands by the pharmacist, messaging delivered this way is much more impactful than other forms of media. Especially when you consider that the message is delivered in an environment where people’s minds are naturally on their health or that of their loved ones. The pharmacist is also one of the most trusted health professionals in the industry with messaging on the bags often prompting on the spot questions which the pharmacist is able to answer in a considered and reliable way. Often the first port of call prior to seeing a GP, raising awareness around early diagnosis means the timing of Leukaemia Care’s campaign and its delivery within a pharmacy environment is especially relevant. 

Not to mention the fact that prescription medication packaging is often something patients will read in its entirety due to the very nature of it being a prescription medication. People have a tendency to keep medication in the pharmacy bag and take it home. So it’s messaging with potential for multiple impacts and a prompt to seek further information online from the comfort of their own home, or to have a sensitive conversation about signs and symptoms with family, friends or carers. Cost effective tactical targeting at its best.

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