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24th Mar 2015

There are a lot of things that come up in student conversation.  Top of the list is usually where the next party’s happening and who’s going.  It’s no wonder then that Live Nation see the opportunity in putting information about their events right under students’ noses.  You couldn’t get any closer than Tablewrap.  Our format offers huge benefits, primarily down to the fact that it offers the longest dwell time in Student Unions, but even more than that it puts messages at the very centre of conversation where groups of students are sitting down discussing plans.

Considering that students are the most tech savvy of us all, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to realise that phones are never out of reach, in fact they’re generally sitting on the table in direct proximity to the message.  What better way to drive those all-important spur-of-the-moment ticket sales?!

Using Tablewrap in universities and student coffee shops across London, Live Nation are promoting the Wireless Festival to students in a bid to raise awareness and drive ticket sales to the event.

The campaign was planned and booked by Sold Out and Open Outdoor.

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