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7th Aug 2017

With lives that just seem to get busier by the day, trying to find the time to meet that someone special in between work, family and social commitments, the dating game can seem a pretty insurmountable task.  And even when the opportunity does arise, who’s to know if that someone is compatible?  Thousands upon thousands of singles out there and it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  Not to mention the family and friend set ups that just never seem to work out.  It’s like a game of Russian roulette.

Thanks to technology we no longer have to leave meeting that special someone to chance.  We can search through a multitude of profiles and connect with likeminded singles online.  Dating sites are ten a penny but when it comes to sites that genuinely care about connecting you to a compatible match, eHarmony is one of the best.  After 35 years practicing as a clinical psychologist and counselling thousands of couples, eHarmony’s CEO Dr Neil Clark Warren decided there was a better way of finding love than leaving it up to luck.  He put personality at the centre of its matches and with the help of scientists studied thousands of couples to understand what makes happy, long-lasting relationships.  With the results eHarmony developed its unique 29 dimensions of compatibility characteristics which form the foundation of its patented Compatibility Matching System.  Unlike other dating sites, eHarmony uses science to help singles narrow down the world of possibilities into an A-list of meaningful, compatible matches.

And if you think of where the best place to have that first date is, Coffee Shops are up there with the most popular choices.  It’s a safe, neutral environment where you get to meet on equal terms without the complication that alcohol adds to the mix if you were to meet in a bar.  It’s easy to chat without having to worry about shouting over music.  You can grab a quiet table or pick up a couple of coffees to go and take a walk to the nearest park.  It’s an incredibly versatile date space so investing in a Coffee Cup advertising campaign to promote eHarmony to everyday singles is a fantastic natural fit.  Instead of in your face advertising that makes people feel uncomfortable, advertising on branded Coffee Cups is a much more subtle and effective way to deliver a sensitive message.  The cups are delivered directly into the hands of consumers with an average 18 minutes spent indulging in a little ‘me’ time enjoying their daily coffee giving consumers plenty of private time to consider the message and check eHarmony out online or take up a trial offer.  And if they’re already signed up, that takeaway coffee moment is the ideal time to catch up on profiles and connect for a quick chat.

The campaign was planned and booked through PHD and Talon Outdoor.

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eHarmony Coffee Cup Advertising