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7th Jul 2014

These days it can be really difficult to grab a share of voice in a market that is saturated with information.  Brands are pushing messages at us left, right and centre from the minute we catch the morning train to the time telly gets switched off before bed.  Everyone is competing for the same space creating a cacophony of ad-speak hoping that something, somewhere will resonate.

It’s a situation that lends itself well to creative OOH, especially ambient ideas that offer unusual, yet impactful ways of speaking to those elusive consumers out and about.  Everyone wants consumers to spend time with their brand, but often those touch points are brief and fleeting.  Food and beverage formats like sandwich bags are unique in that they allow brands to speak to consumers during their daily down time. Let’s face it, everybody needs to eat, it’s a daily ritual.  The average sandwich takes 11 minutes to eat and 90% of takeaway lunches end up on a desk in the office.  Not only does this mean time spent with your message, it’s delivered at a time when consumers are taking a break from their busy day and in an open minded space, plus there is the added opportunity to impact others in the vicinity.

Sandwich bags might seem a simple type of advertising, but when clients come back not once or twice, but four times over the course of a couple of years, there is no denying the channel works.  London City Airport certainly think so as they’ve flown in with another campaign in the City using sandwich bags to spread the word to busy commuters on-the-go.  Continuing their usual trend, the artwork includes QR and they have incentivised engagement with a competition to win a holiday.  Tasty enough to whet your appetite I’d say?!

This campaign was planned/booked by BBVS and Kinetic.

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