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5th Sep 2023

Lords Builders Merchants was established over 30 years ago and remains a family-run business.

With a network of 12 branches they offer a broad range of building materials and an extended delivery area for trade professionals and homeowners across London and the Home Counties.

Lords targeted tradespeople in proximity to their branches with branded Bacon Butty Bags.

Advertising to tradespeople can be tough to get right. An elusive audience constantly on the move, brands need to look at innovative ways to engage effectively. Placed directly into the hands of builders grabbing breakfast, our Bacon Butty bags are impossible to ignore. Each bag reaches an individual at a key break moment during the day, where there is time to digest the message whilst they consume the contents, making this format extremely effective in delivering cut through.

If you’re interested in targeting a trade audience in our network of greasy spoon cafes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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