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24th Sep 2015

There is nothing in this world quite as satisfying as a warm, buttery piece of toast smothered in glorious Marmite.  In fact, just the thought has got my tummy rumbling.  It’s been a topic of conversation in the office countless times.  The latest discussion centred on toast and whether everyone fancied Marmite on its own, or with a combination of other ingredients to take that piece of toast to another level.  It seems the breakfast of champions involves a combination of Marmite, avocado and a poached egg.  I may just have to sneak off and indulge.  That’s the thing about Marmite, whether you love it or hate it, the yeasty extract has been a firm favourite in the hearts of savoury food fans around the world for more than a century!

Students are notorious for living on a shoe string budget.  By the time they’ve forked out cash for their studies, rent, the latest fashion and nights out with mates, toast is often the go-to food of choice, a versatile piece of grub suited to any time of day.  To jazz it up and give that toast something extra special, Marmite always stands out as king of all.

It’s no wonder then that Unilever have chosen Student Unions as the ideal environment to spread the Marmite love.  With Tablewrap in 35 Universities across the country, Unilever have targeted their message in a relevant space on campus reaching students sitting around the table either actively eating or with food on their mind.  What better way to get those tummies rumbling and inspire students to make sure that jar of Marmite is tucked safely away at home for those toasty emergencies.

The campaign was planned and booked through Mindshare and Kinetic Worldwide.

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