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11th Nov 2013

After a quick search on the significance of the number 3, I came across a note about Aristotle inspiring neo-classical playwrights to apply 3 unities (place, time and action) in all their work. Random fact, yes, not so random fact: Bloomberg are back with a 3rd campaign! 

If we apply the rule of 3, the place happens to be 20 coffee shops in London’s Square Mile, the time is 4 weeks in October and the action is coffee sleeves and weekly magazine samples into the hands of an AB male business audience.  Something Bloomberg never fail to do is impress with their artwork, usually somewhat random but always cleverly designed to grab attention.  I mean, who wouldn’t be distracted by a selection of lovely legs under the title ‘Distinguished’?!

The campaign was planned by Media Agency Group and booked by Out of Home International.

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