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22nd Sep 2014


Living in such a fast paced, always on world means that we are having to adapt and manage our lives on the go.  Mobile has been the driving force behind a wealth of innovation in recent years and the tidal wave of development continues unabated.

The latest to evolve in the health sphere is Care4Today Mobile Health Manager, an app free to download and easy to use specifically aimed at those in need of a little assistance in following their daily medication routine.  Having an app like this makes life so much easier, especially when you consider how complicated some treatments are, how naturally forgetful we are and how much stress we have to cope with on a daily basis simply living life.

Janssen are spreading the word and encouraging downloads of this magical app in the South of England using 125,000 Pharmacy Bags in 125 Pharmacies throughout the month of September.

Pharmacy Bags are an extremely cost effective channel for generating awareness, reinforced further for health brands like this that want to reach consumers at a key health moment in their daily journey.  The environment and the fact that the bags are hand delivered by the pharmacists themselves ensures the message resonates.

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