Our Pharmacy advertising network comprises over 5,000 independent Green Cross Pharmacies across the UK where we offer campaigns on a national, regional or local scale. Pharmacies are ideal for promoting health awareness, targeting the 50+ and driving sales uplift for pharmaceutical products sold over the counter in-store. Pharmacists are renowned as some of the most trusted health professionals in the industry.


Advertising on Pharmacy Bags means that your message is delivered directly into the hands of consumers by trusted pharmacists which ensures that your message benefits from the added endorsement. Pharmacy Bags are ideal advertisers looking to target the 50+, as well as those looking to raise awareness about health issues or to run brand campaigns to drive sales uplift for products sold over the counter. For advertisers looking to reach consumers in Pharmacies at a time when their minds are on health or that of their family, this is a simple, effective way to deliver your message in the right place at the right time.



Pharmacies are known to be cluttered environments with a multitude of things vying for attention.  Pharmacy Bag advertising allows advertisers to bring messages to the fore, but there is a further opportunity to reinforce the branding with sampling.  This could be product samples, pamphlets and other material on the counter, or leaflets placed inside the branded Pharmacy Bags for consumers to take home and consider in their own time.