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4th Jun 2015

Marian Keyes is a world renowned bestselling author famous for stories with everyday characters that could be you or me.  She is adored for her whimsically comical writing style, but also for plots that focus on modern situations like addiction, depression, domestic violence etc, much of which is drawn from her own personal experiences.  While some of the content is dark, the ultimate message is one of hope, something that the everyday women can relate to.

The Woman Who Stole My Life is Marian’s latest masterpiece and the story revolves around a married Dublin mum, Stella Sweeney where a chance meeting turns the life of an ordinary woman upside down.  Becoming a superstar takes her thousands of miles from home and wreaks havoc with her family life.  The central themes at play throughout the book are all to do with destiny and karma.

To create a campaign in-synch with the book, Tabletalk came up with some fantastic ideas which included a media first.  In a bid to capitalise on the high footfall from coffee consumers in-store and pedestrians wandering past, the concept of Window Vinyls was brought to life.  PRH (Penguin Random House) are the first to launch Window Vinyl, an intuitive, impactful and highly visual way to get your message noticed in busy London locations.

While Window Vinyl as media is a concept that came about as a direct result of the Marian Keyes campaign, the core media in play is Coffee Cups.  Takeaway coffee was identified as the ideal way to get the Marian Keyes message into the hands of 25-44 women on-the-go.  Distributed across 35 hand-picked outlets in London, we complemented the coffee media with yet another concept tailored specifically to the content in the book.  Fortune Cookies with snippets of wisdom taken directly from The Woman Who Stole My Life were presented in jars at point of sale with a call to action encouraging consumers to take a free fortune cookie and a bit of wisdom from Marian Keyes, specifically tying in with karma as the central theme of the book.

The activity was planned and booked through Havas Media and Posterscope.

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