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25th Nov 2014

Coffee Shops have transformed in recent years, they are no longer just a place to meet up, hang out, fill up on snacks and mainline that caffeine fix.  They are truly social, connected community hubs where mobile and tablet use is now a matter of course, whether it’s working away from the office, browsing to fill time or catching up on social media.  With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why Microsoft have invested in our Coffee Shop media regularly over the last few years with campaigns for Office 365, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer.

This time they’re back with a launch for their Lumia 735 smartphone, but with a twist.  If you’re after a young, social audience today there are a number of places they can be found.  It’s not surprising that with the youth of today always on the go and unable to function without a presence online that these places are generally wifi-enabled, or at least somewhere connected.  A key young, social environment we offer is Student Unions, literally the centre of all the action on campus where 95% of students visit the union at least once a week.  Using tablewrap, Microsoft have targeted a combination of Coffee Shops and Universities for this campaign looking to take advantage of the extended dwell time the format offers, plus the fact that both spaces ensure high mobile use to deliver the Lumia message at a time when young consumers are amongst their friends and peers with phones in hand.

The campaign was planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope.

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