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23rd May 2018

National Express have invested in a targeted advertising campaign in Coffee Shops and Cafes in close proximity to Kings Cross station promoting the fact that their coaches run every 30 minutes from Kings Cross station to London Stanstead Airport for just £3.50 each way. Putting this message on branded takeaway coffee cups allows National Express to have a direct call to action delivered into the hands of Londoners by local baristas serving up their everyday favourite brew. It’s unexpected and intuitive.

By utilising innovative tactical targeting, National Express is delivering messages to consumers in an everyday environment going about their daily journey. This kind of non-traditional ambient advertising ensures that National Express is reaching a highly relevant audience in a novel and impactful way – owning share of voice in Coffee Shops and Cafes – to stand out from the surrounding noise and traditional mediums found inside and outside the station.

Many of the coffee consumers in these outlets are on their way to or from the train station, taking their coffee on that journey means that National Express get to go with them and become an intuitive part of that journey, ensuring the timing of the message is particularly relevant.

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National Express Coffee Cup Advertising