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19th Feb 2015

The last stretch of winter is interminably slow.  The days tease us by getting lighter, the cold air loses its bite and even the birds lift the moods of commuters waiting for their daily train.  Patience is tested as we all will Spring to arrive and moods plummet as low as the winter temps!  Many a coffee consumer at this time of year will be sitting in a café or in the office muttering about needing a holiday and mulling over where to go.

Visit Benidorm know exactly what we all need and are targeting consumers in Coffee Shops up North with images of warm sunny beaches and playing on minds to encourage us to grab that winter sun we’re all desperate for.  The January blues are behind us, we’re back into the swing of things at work and it’s the perfect time to inspire the imaginations of wannabe holidaymakers.

Benidorm are running a campaign with 175,000 Coffee Sleeves across Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow for 2 weeks in February, taking advantage of the natural synergy between café culture and holidays.

Why not have your next caffeine fix in Benidorm?  I just might!

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