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5th Oct 2017

We all have a morning routine that sets us up for the day ahead.  Whether it’s leaping out of bed like an energiser bunny to hit the gym or constantly snoozing that alarm until the latest possible moment before we coax out a strategic roll and stand manoeuver, there is something that the vast majority of us simply can’t function without first thing – caffeine!

Now that morning coffee, whether it’s the first or second of the day before we’re on track to attack the working week with gusto, is especially important.  We’ve all got our little quirks and preferred tastes.  Short black, long mac, double shot, extra hot and all manner of almond, soy, skinny and standard to consider before we venture near the sugar, no sugar saga.  Whatever takes our fancy, if it’s made just the way we like it somehow it makes the rest of the day seem like anything’s possible.  Just like hearing our favourite song playing on the radio gives us that instant feel-good vibe and puts us in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Since coffee is such an integral part of our everyday morning routine, it makes perfect sense that Capital FM are advertising their all new Capital Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp in Coffee Shops and Cafes across Central London using branded takeaway coffee cups to deliver the message directly into the hands of coffee fanatics grabbing their morning fix.  The new show is on every weekday from 6am, perfect for us spritely or sleepy morning risers who like to wake up with tunes, chat and the latest news on Capital FM radio at home, in the car or online on our commute into work every day.


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Capital FM Breakfast Show Coffee Cup Advertising