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8th Jan 2019

At Tabletalk we’re always looking to expand on our networks and align ourselves with environments that complement our strengths. Having provided advertising opportunities in Independent Pharmacies and Hospital Pharmacies successfully for many years, it makes perfect sense to expand our reach and launch our newest everyday healthcare environment – Dental Practices.

Oral health is essential to general health and wellbeing at every stage of life. In fact, the two are interlinked and oral health can often reveal signs about underlying conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other disorders. Not to mention the fundamental impact that oral health has on things like self esteem and the ability to integrate comfortably into our community.

In the UK 22.1 million adult patients were seen at least once by an NHS dentist in the 24 months up to 31 March 2018 which equates to 50.9% of the adult population. 6.9 million child patients were seen over the same period which equates to 58.4% of the UK child population. Our Dental estate consists of 3,000 Dental Practices across the UK where we’re able to offer advertisers Leaflet campaigns in branded Dispensers displayed in the waiting room which can be accompanied by an A3 poster.

Notorious for running late, dental practice waiting rooms are filled with patients looking to while away the extended wait time or distract themselves from anxiety related to a visit to the dentist by reading magazines, leaflets or posters on the walls, making this an especially engaged and captive audience. Any oral health related messaging is also destined for careful consideration due to the nature of the dental practice environment.

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