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28th Sep 2023

In the world of publishing, marketing strategies are constantly evolving to capture the attention of readers in unique and unexpected ways, cue Penguin Random House deciding to advertise the new Percy Jackson novel on branded takeaway coffee cups.

The synergy between coffee and books is undeniable. Many book lovers cherish the quiet moments they spend reading with a cup of their favourite brew in hand. By placing Percy Jackson on coffee cups, Penguin Random House taps into this existing affinity. These branded cups are not only a source of joy for existing fans who will no doubt seek out the limited edition must-haves, but also an invitation for potential readers who may not have been introduced to Percy Jackson’s world yet. It’s a creative way to reach a broader demographic beyond traditional bookstores and online platforms.

Book marketing is not just about selling a product; it’s about creating experiences and memorable moments. When readers get their hands on a coffee cup adorned with Percy Jackson’s imagery, it becomes a conversation starter. It sparks curiosity and connections among readers who share a love for the series. It’s more than just an advertisement; it’s a tangible and shareable piece of the Percy Jackson universe.

In a digital age where many readers have shifted to e-books and audiobooks, physical books and the experience of holding them have become more precious. Penguin Random House recognizes this shift in reading habits and leverages it by combining the tactile experience of holding a cup with the anticipation of reading a new book. It’s a brilliant adaptation to changing consumer behaviours.

It’s a strategy that combines the warmth of a cup of coffee with the magic of storytelling. The Percy Jackson coffee cups are not just a vessel for your favourite brew; they’re a portal to an exciting literary adventure!

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