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1st Oct 2018

When it comes to engaging with communities across the UK with messages that are health-related, one of the most effective channels for the NHS is advertising through local pharmacies. The latest campaign from NHS England is targeted nationally promoting a new prescription eligibility checker, encouraging members of the public to ‘check  before you tick’ whether or not they are eligible for free prescriptions using a new online tool.

With such a huge range of services available, choosing the right option can be really confusing, particularly for more vulnerable customers. Operating as a convenient and easily accessible point of advice, the staff in local pharmacies naturally develop a thorough knowledge of a broad range of conditions and treatments. Branded Pharmacy Bags in particular deliver incredible value to the NHS, not only in the minimal cost per impact, but also in the accuracy and relevancy of delivery. Messages are delivered by the pharmacist, known to be one of the most trusted health professionals in the industry, directly into the hands of consumers.

Pharmacy Bag advertising has a number of benefits, particularly in light of the fact that patients are collecting their prescription medication, so messages on the bag are more likely to be read and in full, not to mention the fact that messages act as prompt for consumers to ask advice from the pharmacist there and then. The majority of pharmacy bags end up at home where medication is often kept in the bag offering the opportunity for multiple impacts in an environment where consumers are relaxed and receptive with time on their hands and access to the internet or mobile phones where they’re able to engage with further information and related content online.

Branded pharmacy bags offer incredible versatility when it comes to tactical targeting as pharmacy advertising campaigns can be run locally in proximity to postcodes, regionally by county or outlined by mapped zones, as well as nationally by key city or more generally to achieve maximum coverage. With thousands of local independent pharmacies across the UK, Tabletalk’s pharmacy network offers the opportunity to effectively drive awareness in local communities at any scale for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

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NHS England Pharmacy Bag Advertising