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16th May 2024

NHS Greater Manchester are running a Hematuria campaign on Washroom Panels in pub toilets. The idea is to raise awareness of the possible early signs of bladder or kidney cancer by encouraging people to “call their GP if there’s blood in their pee!”

Bladder Cancer is common. With 10,000 new diagnoses in the UK every year and in excess of 5,000 deaths. It is more common with advancing age, and in men, and is strongly related to cigarette smoking. The background rate of asymptomatic non-visible haematuria in UK males is around 2.5%, increasing to 22% in those aged over 60 years old.

Crucially, no screening is available so diagnosis relies on symptomatic presentation, which the posters encourage. The message is timed perfectly and the bold red creative is hard to ignore. Early diagnosis is imperative for achieving better outcomes and the cancer treatments required are a lot less severe if caught in the early stages. In fact, there is a very real possibility these posters could save someone’s life.

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