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4th Mar 2015

One of the great things about ambient media is the opportunity for tactical marketing.  A lot of our formats are designed to get brands directly into the hands of consumers, but more importantly that delivery is timed at a relevant and receptive moment.  For over 15 years, we have been helping brands speak to consumers when their minds are on health through advertising on Pharmacy Bags, a simple and extremely cost effective route to market.  Traditionally the bags are distributed within independent Green Cross Pharmacies where our network comprises thousands of pharmacies all over the UK.  The messaging generally covers health, 50+ and over the counter product support and campaigns run on a national, regional or local scale.

Having used our media before, Macmillan are familiar with our pharmacy offering and have taken the targeting a step further.  This time, they are running a campaign across 20 NHS Hospital Pharmacies split evenly across England and Scotland distributing 240,000 bags in total.  Being a cancer charity, NHS Hospitals are an environment that fits particularly closely to the work Macmillan does for cancer sufferers and their families all over the country.

The NHS is notoriously difficult when it comes to approving third party advertising within its hospital network.  However, for the right brand there is an opportunity to explore this environment on an ad-hoc basis.  This ties in with work we have done previously for Arriva where they used Tablewrap in a number of hospital canteens to promote a night bus service to doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

The campaign was planned and booked by MSA Market Media.

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