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30th Jul 2020

Spreading the word on branded pharmacy bags in independent pharmacies across England, the NHS Volunteer Responders programme is designed to support those who need help during the COVID-19 crisis. The programme was set up by NHS England and Royal Voluntary Service, working in partnership with GoodSAM to develop flexible, app-based volunteering to match volunteers with those who need support.

As an essential service, pharmacies are on the frontline when it comes to serving local communities in desperate need of prescription medication and health advice. Volunteers involved in the healthcare initiative are able to assist eligible members of the community in a number of ways, including collecting and delivering prescription medications.

Targeted both at pharmacists and the local communities they serve, Tabletalk’s established network of pharmacies gave the NHS Volunteer Responders an opportunity to enclose a letter with the delivery of branded bags addressed directly to the pharmacist outlining the initiative, the level of support and the criteria for eligibility.

With pharmacists renowned as one of the most trusted health professionals in the industry, arming the pharmacist with vital information on the service will naturally prompt recommendation and discussion with their customers. The hand delivered branded pharmacy bags carry a similar message aimed at carers, family, friends, colleagues and general society to encourage those who are eligible to take advantage of the available support.

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