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8th Mar 2023

The first No Smoking Day was on Ash Wednesday in 1984, and it now takes place each year on the second Wednesday in March.

In 2019, the UK Government set out the ambition to make England smokefree by 2030 (smoking prevalence of 5% or less).

If you smoke, quitting is one of the most incredible things that can help to transform your life. It can help you become fitter and healthier, as well as saving you money that you can use for other things. However, many people find they need more than willpower to give up

Most smokers have triggers, and drinking alcohol is one of the big ones, so you can see why Nicorette chose to advertise on Beer Mats in Pubs and Bars. The mats feature a QR code that enables drinkers to get Nicorette delivered in minutes and quash those cravings!

Nicorette relieves cravings to give more power to your willpower. It works by reducing your cravings and helping keep nicotine withdrawal symptoms at bay, without the nasty chemicals you find in cigarettes. It’s also effective if you vape nicotine.

The activity comprises over 1,000,000 branded beer mats in 1,000+ pubs running in key cities throughout the month of March.

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