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26th May 2021

Nord VPN are the largest VPN server network in the world. With over 14 million users and 5,400+ servers in 59 countries they offer fast, stable and secure internet access without compromising your online safety.

If you feel that it’s nobody else’s business what you do or where you go online, or perhaps you worry  about your personal data being compromised e.g. when online shopping or sharing your bank details over public Wi-Fi, then NORD VPN is for you.

So why are they advertising on takeaway pizza boxes? Well, a lot of people use VPN to be able to access online content such as Sports and Netflix and the demographics of takeaway pizza consumers reflect the people most likely to do this.

The branded pizza boxes are delivered to peoples’ homes and placed directly into their hands creating an unmissable impact. Add in the extended dwell time of the boxes and it’s a great place to advertise when they are receiving their takeaway.

The activity is running in London and Manchester in June.

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