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4th May 2022

Nordic Spirit are advertising their nicotine pouches on pub beer mats in the Manchester area.

The small, soft nicotine pouches that fit discreetly under the lip are 100% tobacco free and produce no smoke, vapour or odour.

Perfect for those social moments where people don’t want to miss out on the group conversation when having to go outside to smoke or vape. Nordic Spirit can be used indoors, on public transport, in sports stadiums they provide a nicotine experience without interrupting what the user is doing.

Beer mats were seen as the ideal vehicle to carry the Nordic Spirit message as they place the brand at the centre of social groups. Displayed on every table, beer mats are a functional, tactile format offering long dwell time ensuring the message is delivered at the exact time smokers are contemplating leaving the social group to go outside and smoke.

The activity consisted of 100,000 branded beer mats in 100 pubs over 4 weeks.

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